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Monica Villanueva

The moment she stops looking for love, love will start to find her.

Franchesca Gonzalez | © Popcorn Photo and Films

She who has been feeling so alone will in her perfect time be loved the way she deserves.

Not when she looks for love, but when she first learns to love herself.

Love, trust, and compromise do.

Ma. Carmella De Leon | © Niña Jacinto Photography

Needing time and space to process your emotions is one thing, but saving time by acknowledging the mess with courage is another. You don’t have to rush healing, but you have to be brave in order to initiate important changes. Sometimes, the choices that make you uncomfortable at first are the ones that set you free in the end.

You may no longer know where to start because perhaps, you believe that everything has been messed up for too long. You no longer recognize the situations that still exist.

You may have avoided confrontations because you have lost faith in…

I am learning that strength starts from being vulnerable.

Angela Villamaria | © Godwin Panaligan Photography

I no longer feel entitled to invite everyone into my space, nor to keep up with other people’s diversified paces of growth.

I am learning to not anymore be affected by the things that used to matter so much to my heart but are no longer serving me. I am beginning to let go of the people who used to mean everything to me but are already limiting my growth. …

Tell me that we still have a chance to change our fate.

Alessandra Francine Palicpic | © Niña Jacinto Photography

Please, tell me we don’t have to cut each other off again — because I’m sick and tired of trying to heal from it.

We have come so far in the wrong places and these aren’t the places I imagined us to be in. Please tell me that you weren’t okay with how we ended something I valued so much, leaving everything as a mess as if the way things were never really mattered. I’m so done with this need for closure over something I didn’t want to end in the first place because I’m now obsessing over calling it…

You’re not anybody’s someone, you are somebody.

King Chris De Los Reyes

You deserve to be seen apart from anyone. You are yourself – with or without somebody else’s company. You are a person of your own and no one can become a better you because you’re the only one.

You are original.

You have no time to waste with people who expect you to become a different person in order to meet their vague standards. You are not a bar that can be stooped lower for way too many people to reach. Because it’s supposed to take a lot of energy to meet you at the top.

You are beautifully exclusive. Only the great…

Please teach me to trust You when I can no longer feel my heart.

Sophia Caraan

Teach me to trust You when I no longer have confidence in myself after failing You so many times.

Teach me to trust You when I no longer have hope that I can make amends for everything I’ve lost after choosing to pursue my dreams without You.

Teach me to trust You when I no longer have belief in Your healing after the many ways I’ve been broken by the realities I don’t understand.

Please teach my heart to allow You to fix me.

Please give me that faith — one that places the highest trust in You.

Please give me the faith that always chooses You above all else.

The moment she embraced herself, she knew how loved she is.

Franchesca Gonzalez | © Popcorn Photo and Films

She was shattered before she knew how much every piece of her matters.

She was left afraid in the dark before she knew how much courage it took her to ignite the light coming from inside her.

She was wrapped in her own thorns before she remembered how much beauty fills the rose that she is.

Thank you, since the further we drifted apart, the more I resided in God’s love.

Amanda Palone and Steve Casey | © Ken Diaz

Thank you, for the weaker you took hold of my hand, the more I was set free to land in God’s hands.

I was broken, but He built me up into a whole new person with the pieces of who I used to be.

Thank you, since the more difficult things worked out in between us, the easier I found myself making my relationship with Him grow.

I am still grateful for you because you helped me see myself as someone capable of giving love.

I was always in pain. I never said it wasn’t heavy. I’m sorry for losing heart and being the mess that I am right now, but I’m still learning.

Alex Jariño | © Ian Howell Pascua

I can’t any more deny it. I can’t anymore hide the pain. I can’t anymore try to keep up a good front and tell everyone that I’m okay when I’m actually not.

All this time, I thought that appearing to feel nothing shows that I’m strong enough to deal with all the damage.

I wanted so much to heal right away. I wanted to look strong in front of others, even…

Not the second, nor third option. You deserve to be somebody’s first and best priority.

© King Chris De Los Reyes

You deserve to be seen as more than one sees another. You are worthy of all the appreciation, for you had always given all of you. You deserve to be the person to whom one offers love to, without thinking about holding back nor about what you have to give back.

Monica Villanueva

Write to heal.

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